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What is Live Chat?

Live Chat lets you type a query directly to a member of our team. It’s quick, easy, and is open 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm on Satudays and Sundays.

We might invite you to use Live Chat, by presenting a pop-up on your screen.

Start Live Chat

If you’re looking to discuss a query about your account, you’ll need to login to online banking first and click the Live Chat button once logged in. To discuss non-account related queries, you can click the Live Chat button above. We're online between 7am-10pm. The Live Chat button will be available providing that there's a member of our customer support team available.

How we can help you through Live Chat:

Logged in to online banking? Then you can send us specific queries about your account, like:

  • Asking us about your payments or transactions
  • Checking on applications for new products
  • Activating your card or asking for a PIN reminder
  • Reporting your card as lost or stolen
  • Ordering stationery like cheque books, paying in books and paying in envelopes.

Why do I need to log in to online banking to discuss specific account details?

Logging in to online banking with your username, password, and security code means we can identify you correctly. Sometimes, you'll be sent a verification code by text message or email when you log in and do certain things in online banking. We do this so we know it's really you using your account online. This keeps your personal information safe and protects you from fraudsters. It's important that you never tell anyone your verification code.

Why can’t all of my queries be answered through Live Chat?

Some actions that you take on your account require additional security measures to the ones mentioned above. We'll send you a code by text message or email for things like making payments to new payees, sending international payments and changing your address. We’ll support you through these processes. It's important that you never tell anyone your verification code.