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Out with the old

You will no longer need your card reader from August this year. Instead of your card reader, you will use a verification code as a secure way to make sure it’s you in online banking.

The Co-operative Bank and smile are offering a recycling scheme for card readers. We are also committed to recycling any remaining card readers in our warehouses.

Your card reader holds no sensitive or personal data that can be linked to your account, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your card reader in branch or sending it to us via the post.

Learn more about verification codes
How to recycle your card reader What will happen to your card reader Frequently asked questions

How to recycle your card reader


Through the post

Use this address to return your card reader:

Card Reader Recycling Scheme

The Co‑operative Bank

1 Balloon Street


M60 4EP


In a branch

Visit any of The Co‑operative Bank branches to recycle your card reader.

There will either be a collection box or you will need to ask a member of staff. Find your closest branch using The Co‑operative Bank’s branch finder.


In a Co‑operative Bank office

You can return your card reader at any of these Co‑operative Bank offices:

Manchester Skelmersdale Leek
1 Balloon Street Delf House Britannia House
M60 4EP WN8 6NY ST13 5RG

What will happen to your card reader

To reduce any transport pollution, card readers will be collected through branches and offices where they will be bulk shipped to our reprocessing partner, Helistrat.

The batteries will be removed and sent to a specialist recycling plant. Your card reader will then be shredded and sent to be refined. This is where precious metal and metal recovery happens. Any residual waste from this is turned into energy to recycle more card readers.

Frequently asked questions

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How long will you offer this recycling scheme?
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Can I recycle my card reader myself?
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Is it safe to send my card reader in the post or to leave in branch?
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How much will it cost to return my card reader in the post?