Your values are our values

You'd think it would be a given – not lending your money to organisations that use child labour, or who test cosmetics and household products on animals. Sadly, it isn’t. You care about what your bank does with your money. Thankfully, so do we.

As smile is part of The Co‑operative Bank, we share their strong ethical stance. Its Ethical Policy is customer-led and, therefore, so is smile’s. As a customer, you can use your unique voice to contribute to this. To make sure we carry on reflecting what you care about.

Our Ethical Policy sets out who we will and won’t provide banking services to. If a company won’t abide by our Ethical Policy, we won’t finance them. It’s as simple as that.

Our unique Ethical Policy was expanded in 2015 and now covers five key areas


1. Ethical Banking


2. Ethical Business

products and services

3. Ethical Products & Services

Culture and workplace

4. Ethical Culture & Workplace


5. Ethical Campaigning

These areas cover: who we provide bank services to, the products and services we offer customers, how we run the business - including our relationships with suppliers and external stakeholders, how our workplace and culture reflect our values and ethics, and our approach to campaigning.

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We source 99% of our electricity from renewable energy sources

The Co‑operative Bank sourced 99% of its electricity from renewables in 2015. How did we achieve this and how can you switch to using renewable energy?

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Our expanded Ethical Policy reflects our customers’ evolving values and ethics

We now exclude companies involved in irresponsible gambling, payday loans and companies not paying tax responsibly in the UK.

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We campaign about issues that matter

Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse, yet it is rarely recognised as such. Working with the charity Refuge, our “My money, my life” campaign shows the extent of financial abuse in the UK.

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